Zodiac Diagnosis Comic by Seiji Igei

I’m so excited to announce the first of the two part collaboration for my book, Am I Enough?, with Illustrator, my dear friend, Seiji Igei. Seiji chose two pieces from my book and decided on a short story called “Zodiac Diagnosis” and another piece that will be featured soon. “Zodiac Diagnosis” is a quirky short story about anxiety and comfortably sharing your perspective despite its possible unconventionality. This comic is a pay what you can product, so feel free to name whatever price makes you comfortable in the box below. This was made with so much love, so I hope you can appreciate it as much as I do.

Once you pay, a digital copy will be available for download.

Also, make sure you check out Seiji’s website at https://www.seijige.com/

And their instagram @seijigay